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SoleraX metaverse is launched and you can download the application and invest in the energy production.

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Screenshot by Author from SoleraX application.

The Solera X metaverse promises each person a life in a virtual world where they may become both energy and financial independent.

Solera X Metaverse

The Solera X user’s next step is to dig for a spring and have his own water that will stream out of the earth via an electric pomp. A pit will be utilized to manage the used water. Waste is a severe problem, but there is a solution: domestic garbage eco-incinerators that generate electricity from the heat produced during the incineration process. Yes, it is expensive, but it is an investment in our own independence.

You are the only owner of the NFT after you purchase it, and you can sell it to another user on the Solera X marketplace in the future. If you possess an NFT, you can collect tokens based on its qualities.

The primary distinction between Solera X and a game is that in Solera X you may earn real money that you can use in the metaverse as well as in real life by converting crypto into USD or EUR. We’ve all played games where we’ve spent money to enhance our avatar just to find out that we can’t get it back.

You can buy a land with a minimum of $100, a house with $100 and a solar panel with $100. After you bought all of these NFTs, you can buy Units for money production with an 25% APY.

With a minimum of 300–400 US dollars you can make an investment in energy production.

For registration in metaverse you can have a referral id, mine is: 1002186 or you can use this link:

The official link is: https://www.solerax.io/ and as they say:

Please be aware of other fake websites or fake accounts on social media,
we don’t take any responsibility of your money lost!

Our trusted domains/subdomains: solerax.io, app.solerax.io, my.solerax.io

Be aware of scams, there are multiple scams for this project.

If you have any question, let me know in the comments section and I will help you the process.

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