How To Make These Days When The Crypto Market Goes Down?

Anghel Marius
3 min readJan 22, 2022

The most important advice I can give to you is to stay in the market. Don’t sell.

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1. Stay in the market.

As I said above, this is the most important advice I can give to you. Maybe you can buy at the discount. Never sell when you are low. Wait…maybe decrease the Average Buy.

As an example, the most loss that I have in this moment is in LOA. I bought LOA when its price was $0.66. Now the price is $0.14, what I intend to do is to buy more LOA to decrease my Average Buy. In this scenario, if the price will go up to 0.66, which is very likely, i will be profitable. Because I bought at $0.66, and when the price was very low, $0.14, that means I bought when the price was (0.66+0.14)/2 (if I buy for the same amount of money in the second phase)= 0.4. When the price goes above $0.4 I will be profitable and I can make a switch.

2. Don’t sell today unless it’s a switch.

You can sell your token just if you make a switch, if one token is up, or near the same price since you bought, and you intend to buy another token that goes very low and you believe in it.

3. Start dollar cost averaging into quality.

The time has come.

That time when you said if the market decrease its price you will buy. Start to buy tokens that have the real utility. In this way you will be 99% sure that token will not disappear.

4. Leave some cash on the side.

You have to keep some money uninvested. Even if the inflation kill the buying power of them. You don’t know where or when is one opportunity for these money.

5.Step away from your computer. Stop looking at your phone.

Don’t look at the charts from one hour to another. The market will go up/down even if you are not watching. So go and make another things to make money to invest in the market.

6.Opportunities like these are a rare gift in crypto!

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