3 life lessons to learn from multiplayer games

Anghel Marius
3 min readDec 25, 2021


How can you see life as a video game and enjoy it?

Maybe you’ve all played multiplayer games and never considered what you might learn from them to use in real life. Neither I until this year after I played a lot of Clash Royal.

I used to spend a lot of time as a kid playing Metin2, San Andreas Multiplayer, and CS1.6 (CS GO didn’t exist at that time).

1. To be good at something, you must put in a lot of effort.

What are you doing when you start a new multiplayer game?

Maybe you’ve seen some YouTube videos on it previously and know a bit about it. Even if you watch tutorials on how to accomplish things in that game, you still have to explore the game world, and you will fail sometimes or forget what you need to make at times.

This is applicable in real life; you may have studied some YouTube videos on programming and how to create websites, but when you start for the first time, you must discover the domain and develop things on your own, and you may fail.

As in multiplayer video games.

2. To progress, you must invest in yourself.

If you haven’t played Metin2, the principle is simple: you must raise a character’s level and abilities in order to kill mobs quickly, earn xp, and participate in PVP.

To progress in this game, you must raise the level of the object and skills, however this procedure might fail and the item will be destroyed. To grow the item, you must first prepare several other materials as well as some gold.

Just like in real life.

You must invest in yourself like in any other character from a multiplayer game. Perhaps you should buy some books or enroll in a course.

The process of upgrading items is comparable to that of starting a business or developing a career. You need additional abilities or things to progress forward in career or business, and you can fail if you are not prepared enough for them.

Things happen in the same way as in video games.

3. You must learn from more experienced people.

In certain games, players may form groups and together raise their character’s level.

In real life, you can learn something new with a buddy or a college classmate. Yes, you can do it alone, but it is faster and more enjoyable if you do it with one or more buddies.

Christmas Bonus!

4. Think like a game development team when you want to establish a profession and start a business: Upgrades.

If you want your multiplayer game to stay relevant for coming years, you must make certain modifications and create new systems in the game.

If you compare this to your job or business, you will need to enhance your domain skills in order to be relevant in the future and not be replaced by another “game.”

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